2016-2017 Auxiliary Officers
Madam Past President
Madam President
Madam Vice Past President
Madam Chaplain
Madam Conductor
Madam Inside/Outside Guard
Madam Treasurer
Madam Secretary
Madam Trustee

Melanie Gervais
Gloria Mohs
Ruth Odren
Shirley Knoll
Barbara Fetttig
Phyllis Thompson
Joyce Corgard
Ann Hadel
Shaun Stende
Kathryn Trenary
Ann Hadel Auxiliary Secretary 612-963-1437
Minneapolis Auxiliary #34 meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 6:30pm.
Please notify Secretary if you have any membership questions,
address changes, notification of the death of a member.
Membership Dues: Auxiliary Member dues $24.00 a year
New member Application Fees and first years dues: $34.00

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