2016-2017Aerie Officers
  Worthy President                   
Worthy Vice President
Past Worthy President           
Worthy Chaplain                    
Worthy Conductor                  
Inside Guard                         
Outside Guard                       

Sean McNamara
Michel McGee
Don Ostenson
Mike Hadel
Mike Krogan
John Comer
Erik Westgard
Jeff Davidson
Tim Huss
  Aerie Trustees                       
Dan Witt
Susan Hutterer
Matt Hoffland
Debra Malkovich
Jeff Berg
Minneapolis Aerie #34 meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30pm
Aerie Membership Dues: NonBenefit members $28.00
ReEnrollee Fees and Dues; $38.00
Application Fees and first years dues: $48.00
Please notify Aerie Secretary if you have any
membership questions, address changes, notification of
the death of a member.

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